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Habits and Culture of the Carioca

Cultura carioca pedra da gavea

Habits and Culture of the Carioca

The World Cup in Brazil was a success and is now considered by many The Cup of the Cups! FIFA took note 9.25 for the Brazilian organizing the event, but tourists have graded 10 in Brazil and especially in Rio de Janeiro. Besides Maracanã Stadium, tourists who have visited this wonderful city for the World Cup also met its main attractions, its natural beauty, and (of course) the habits and culture of Rio!


According to O Globo Newspaper, 886,000 tourists, with 471,000 foreigners were in Rio de Janeiro, during the World Cup month. And not all were attracted only by the soccer games: many people took the opportunity to be in contact with such contagious joy that overflows from Carioca People and their culture.


Of course, some habits and culture of Rio left many foreigners (and some Brazilians from other states) quite surprised. One, for example, is the custom of clapping to the sunset. The “ritual” takes place in various locations, but the most famous is on the Pedra do Arpoador. When approaching the sunset time, the space gets crowded with people wanting to honor the king of day and thank him for another beautiful day.


Pedra do Arpoador ao por do sol. Fonte: IG Turismo.

Sunset at Pedra do Arpoador. Source: IG Turismo


Another custom is quite noticed that the locals, when on the beach, don´t face the sea, but the sun. Chairs, towels and sarongs are being rotated as the movement of sunlight, facilitating tan those on shore. Watching people turning their backs to the sea may seem strange, but it is something normal in Rio de Janeiro.


Moreover, according to the habits and culture of Rio, beaches are also a place for a lot of sports! But not only for surfing, the favorite sport of Rio is “Altinha“. The activity adapted the principles of footvolley to a circle. With no specific number of players, the game resumes on passing the ball to the other without dropping it, keeping it always in the air.


Other sports are also played: volleyball, beach volleyball and racquetball are some examples. On the weekends and holidays, with the closure of some streets and avenues of the city, leisure area of Rio’s broadens and you can see parents teaching their children to ride a bike, young ladies skateboarding and even taking their dogs out for a walk!


Pessoas jogando altinho em Copacabana. Fonte: Carioca DNA

People playing Lumpy in Copacabana


In the gastronomic side of Rio’s culture has also been estranged by tourists who had never been in this wonderful city. Taking a full coconut water on the boardwalk or on the beach can seemed a little strange to them, because the fruit is not very common, especially for Europeans. When talking about coconut is commonly to think the dry one, with brown bark, and not a green coconut under a 40 degrees sun.


Another habit that amazed the foreigners was eating crumbs! After all, nothing more Brazilian than complement the dish with a little seasoned flour and toast. For those who do not know and have never seen, may seem rather strange; but once it is established, is passion in the right!


Criança tomando água de coco na praia. Fonte: Publivideo

Child sipping coconut water on the beach. Source: Publivideo


When you are in Rio, do not forget to appreciate all the habits and local culture, the “carioca” way of life, so peculiar and normal! And remember to choose a great place to stay. Leblon All Suites is located in the most exclusive neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro and offers hotel accommodation at hostel prices. Contact us and make your reservation now.