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31 de July de 2014
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Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro with rain

O que Fazer no Rio de Janeiro com Chuva Lapa

Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro with rain

Everyone thinks in Rio de Janeiro is sunny all year round, but who is Rio knows very well that this is not true. The wonderful city, with its tropical climate, index registers a very high rainfall and relative air humidity of equally high. Therefore, those who come to Rio de Janeiro thinking that will sun every day can be quite mistaken. But you have to do in Rio de Janeiro with rain?


O que fazer no Rio de Janeiro com chuva. Fonte: Freepik.

Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro with rain. Source: Freepik


The answer is: a lot! Although locals do not like cloudy days (depending on the music of singer Mandy Moore), the Rio de Janeiro offers many options for those who want to stroll on a rainy day. Remember that rain is not synonymous with cold, so no use to wrap just because the weather is closing. The ideal is to always have an umbrella in hand and a very good mood to deal with traffic.


On a rainy day in Rio de Janeiro, you can go for a walk in any mall in the city, because they offer many types of products and services, and a safe and coverage! The Rio de Janeiro has many shopping centers fully equipped where you can do anything to pass the time. You can take a few laps and get ice cream or enjoy time to do those little shopping you’ve been putting off. You can also watch a great movie theaters and close the tour dinner in a wonderful restaurant.


Praça da Cinelândia. Fonte: Portal R7.

Square Cinelândia. Source: Portal R7


But if you do not like shopping, what to do in Rio de Janeiro with rain? How about a cultural tour? The center of Rio de Janeiro has great choices of museums and cultural centers with transport at the door. You can start your tour the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Sebastian, and soon after by the Bank of Brazil Cultural Center, followed later to the House France Brazil. The three locations are very close and the latter two are always great exhibits.


You can continue taking your ride to Rio Branco Avenue toward Cinelândia Square and also visit the Cultural Box, a beautiful space where you can come exposures, and even watch the movie plays. Continuing down the same path and reaching Square Cinelândia there are still a few more options of places to visit: the National Library, the National Museum of Fine Arts and the Municipal Theatre!


And since you can not tomas coconut water on the beach, choose a bar next to it and ask for a beer with some snacks! Generally, Wednesdays night is game day football, and most bars offers flat so your patrons can watch the match. Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon have bars and much praised and famous breweries. But if you’re not much to a football match, go to Lapa and find out what the most bohemian neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro has to offer. There are many nightclubs, where you can find all kinds of music programming, plus an excellent menu.


Lapa, que o bairro mais boêmio do Rio de Janeiro. Fonte: Blog Localnomad.

Lapa, the most bohemian district of Rio de Janeiro. Source: Blog Localnomad


Now that you know what to do in Rio de Janeiro with rain, escolhar just a place to stay. Meet the All Suites Leblon, the most charming Design Hostel in Rio de Janeiro with hotel accommodation and hostel prices. Just knowing where to go you will love the beautiful city, even on rainy days.