Boat Party

Meet some of the most famous and unusual festivals of Rio de Janeiro! A sloop of two floors, with 150 people, is transformed into a veritable floating for you to enjoy over the waters of Guanabara Bay nightclub. See the city of Rio de Janeiro by an angle you would never imagined.

To further leverage this magical night, men can enjoy the party until midnight with a double dose of distilled drinking, while women can enjoy the same thing for free!


  • 23:00: Direct Encounter at Marina da Glória.
  • 00:30 : Start of navigation along Guanabara Bay and party at sea.
  • 03:00 : Return to Marina da Glória.

  • Tour Information Duration: 4 hours
    Frequency: Monday
    Time: 23:00
    Minimum Group: 1
    Included: Entry to the party, drinks released for women until 00:00 and double dose of distilled until 00:00.
    Not included: food, transportation and drinks after midnight.
    Recommendations: light clothing , camera and extra money for expenses.
    Check out some photos of the trip:


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