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What to do in Leblon?

O que fazer no Leblon

What to do in Leblon, Rio de janeiro?

Leblon is one of the noblest, valued and famous neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro. Its proximity to the beach provides a pleasant and always full of beautiful people environment. In addition, there are several bars, restaurants, malls and plazas, making this a fairly complete neighborhood for all ages. But what to do in Leblon?


To enjoy your stay in this great neighborhood, there are a number of must-see activities you can do with your friends and family! Check out the suggestions of Leblon All Suites Design Hostel.


O que fazer no Leblon, Rio de Janeiro

Praia do Leblon

Leblon Beach (Praia do Leblon). Source: Site Trip To Brazil.


Take a walk on the beach: The beach of Leblon has 1,300 meters long and is separated from Ipanema beach by the canal of the Garden of Alah (Jardim de Alah). It also has a bike path, which runs only on the tail, and is always full of people playing sports. A stroll along the boardwalk or the sand is always pleasurable and in addition you will be doing a great exercise, you can also enjoy breathtaking scenery while watching beautiful people.


Leblon ViewPoint (Mirante do Leblon): Located in the far right corner of Leblon, this ViewPoint offers breathtaking views of the beaches of Leblon, Ipanema and Arpoador. The view can become even more interesting when it is hung!


O que fazer no Leblon, Rio de Janeiro

Mirante do Leblon

Leblon Viewpoint (Mirante do Leblon). Source: Veja Rio.


Lunch and dinner in restaurants across the beach: There is nothing better than have lunch or dinner overlooking the sea, enjoying good food and a wonderful view! And Leblon has great restaurants and bars facing the beach. Just choose one with your favorite type of food, and enjoy wonderful moments.


Antero de Quental Square: The Square Antero de Quental has a very modern architectural design, developed by architect Luiz Eduardo Indio da Costa and Fernando Chacel. The space has lots of trees, flower beds and play areas, plus a large central area used for cultural events. Moreover, the square has a street furniture which gives it lightness and scenic beauty.


Cliff Brothers Park: This park, with almost 40 acres, has a wonderful view of the surroundings. Upon arrival, there is a gazebo overlooking the beaches of Ipanema and Leblon. And, at other points, it is possible to see the Corcovado, the Lagoon and even São Conrado. Being a place with intense preservation, it is always possible to see monkeys, birds, snakes and lizards. Besides the four lookouts there is also a pond, an amphitheater, toys, sports fields, trails and a sculpture of Oscar Niemeyer. Picnics are released!


O que fazer no Leblon, Rio de Janeiro

Parque Penhasco Dois Irmãos

Penhasco Dois Irmãos Park (Parque Penhasco Dois Irmãos). Source: Veja Rio.